Kelly Dykes

Kelly C. Dykes graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler. He started his business career in 1968 as a Management Trainee with Sears and Roebuck. In 1973, Kelly took a job as a Sales Representative for United States Gypsum and eventually became the Distribution Yard Manager for L & W Supply, a division of United States Gypsum.

In 1982 Kelly was given the opportunity to run a distribution yard for a Gypsum Management Supply Company. His professional background led to the development of 7 Gypsum Management Distribution Centers, in which he was a partner. During his career, Kelly served as both President and General Manager of Wrangler Materials, Inc., located in the Dallas area. Sales from these business ventures were estimated at over 40 million dollars annually.

Mr. Dykes is the owner and president of ECS. He is involved with the sales and networking of the company.

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Dennis Burdick

Dennis Burdick is a Health, Safety, and Environmental professional with 18 years of experience. After working in a variety of industries, he brings a unique outlook and invaluable knowledge to any call for service.

He has six years working for the U.S. Department of Defense, overseeing compliance throughout the Middle East and South Pacific at forward operating sites; covering heavy construction, environmental restoration, residential, medical, and food service areas.

Other experience includes serving the private sector creating safety programs for construction and industrial facilities, job site training and creating training programs to fit each client’s needs, accident and incident investigations with corrective actions moving forward, work site compliance inspections, recordkeeping and administrative audits, and quality control services.

Over the last two years, Dennis has worked as a Safety Consultant for ECS, servicing more than 70 locations throughout Texas for clients in varying fields including: assisted senior care and nursing homes, commercial and heavy construction, gas and oil drilling exploration, industrial machine and fabrication facilities, veterinary facilities, health and wellness centers, vehicle dealerships, and apartment complexes.

Dr. Steve Keating

Dr. Steve Keating is a senior Human Resource and Medical Care professional with over 25 years experience in business and healthcare management that includes: human resources, organizational development, quality/continuous improvement, managed care, medical case management, skilled nursing care, worker’s compensation, corporate occupational health and safety, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, Catastrophic (CAT) case management, Independent Medical Examination (IME) coordination, ergonomic assessments liability, group health, STD, LTD, vocational testing, personnel recruitment, job placement, labor market access, wage analysis and ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has over 20 plus years experience with employee training/development initiatives, employee assistance programs, chemical dependency programs and non subscriber, self insured corporate insurance plans. Also, Dr. Keating holds twelve years of clinical experience in critical care (ICU, CCU, OR, ER), orthopedics, burns, psychiatric, behavioral medicine, long term care, home healthcare and geriatrics.

As a Senior Executive with the Quaker Oats Company and Doskocil Manufacturing Company, Dr. Keating began building his extensive management background in Human Resources that now includes: Quality/Continuous Improvement, Safety/Risk Management and Training and Development initiatives. While with Doskocil Manufacturing Company, Dr. Keating successfully implemented a non subscription program which he ran for 9 years as the Human Resource Director.

Dr. Keating conducts classes and seminars as an adjunct professor of business and healthcare management at Southern Methodist University and Northwood University. He holds a BA in Nursing, a Masters of Science in Human Resource and Business, and a Ph.D. in Health Service Administration Management. In addition, he is certified in Case Management (CCM) and as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SHRM).

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Christopher Dykes

Christopher Dykes serves as Client Relations and Sales for Essential Corporate Solutions, join the company in 2008. He has an extensive background in customer service, working in the food service industry from an early age. Christopher was a manager with Albertsons Grocery Stores for 4 years before moving into manufacturing with Dilling-Harris, Inc. With Dilling-Harris, Inc., he was involved with several aspects of the business including sales and distributor relations. After 3 years of learning the ins and outs of the carwash business, Christopher was promoted to National Sales Manager.

After 5 yrs with D/H Christopher was offered and accepted a position as General Manager with Baker Equipment & Supply. Christopher was involved in all aspects of the company, overseeing the daily operations of the car wash supply and service business.